Manufacturers are eager to understand the future of retailing – are you?

**AM Automotive Retail Congress focuses on the new and developing retail landscape**

A growing list of manufacturers and potential market disrupters have booked places at the AM Automotive Retail Congress to learn about the new and developing retail landscape.

They recognise that the sector is poised for a revolution as new technology, legislation and environmental pressures act as catalysts that trigger the launch of alternatives to current forms of transportation, while the vehicles themselves and their routes to market also undergo major change.

Conference chairman Tony Whitehorn, former president and CEO of Hyundai Motor UK, said: “Everything will become omni-channel – online, city stores, dealers, flagship sites for supply – with different methods of purchasing and acquisition, PCP, lease, flexi etc. Then there will be a variety of methods of propulsion and the connected car will be more important.

“These will be challenges for dealers – they have to think about their business model. They have to recognise the opportunities and not act in an ostrich-type manner.”

Vehicle manufacturers are putting greater resource behind new services to ensure they stay relevant as the way people use transport for business and private changes. Experts forecast a migration from car ownership to car user-ship, with new subscription services offering greater flexibility and less cost for drivers, while the relationship between manufacturers, dealers and the end customer is also evolving.

New services will also encompass alternative forms of travel, from electric bikes and on-demand minibuses to more traditional public transport, as Mobility as a Service shows the best, cheapest, least polluting way to move from A to B.

With increasing investment in the so-called ‘ACES’ – autonomous technology, connected technology, electrification and shared services – the automotive sector is preparing for a transformation. The AM Automotive Retail Congress will be an opportunity for franchised retailers to find out what it means for them.

Speakers include David Bailey, professor of industrial strategy at Aston Birmingham Business School; Andrew Tongue, research director, ICDP; Mike Allen, head of research at Zeus Capital; Ed White, group chairman, White Clarke Group; David Betteley, chairman, Tomorrow's Journey; and Chris Lane, head of transport innovation at Transport for West Midlands.

AM is offering franchised dealers an exclusive discount code of 20% off the ticket price – use code DEALER20 (limited time offer).

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