Nick Kerigan

The Adapter View

Lessons learned from consumer retail, banking and payments, which has seen the coming together of the digital and physical worlds...
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Motor retail swings to 'remain'

Three out of four respondents in AM's 'second referendum' believe the 2016 Brexit decision has damaged the motor retail industry.
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Manufacturers are eager to understand the future of retailing – are you?

A growing list of manufacturers and potential market disrupters have booked places at the AM Automotive Retail Congress...
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Embracing a new era of motoring

OEMs are seizing the opportunity that new mobility models and advanced technology offer but dealers are lagging behind, according to Cristiano Carlutti.
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Dealers should start experimenting with MaaS now

With Mobility as a Service (MaaS) on the verge of wider adoption, dealers need to start experimenting and put their stock of demos and overage vehicles to work
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Preparing for the aftermarket of 2030

The next decade will see fiercer competition between franchised and independent dealers for aftersales customers, according to Dr Andrew Tongue.
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Technology will continue to attract investment in automotive retail

Technology will be the driver of investment in the automotive retail sector over the next decade, according to Mike Allen, head of research at Zeus Capital...
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Toyota & Suzuki

Toyota and Suzuki further collaboration plans to drive electrification

Toyota and Suzuki have announced an agreement to further their plans to collaborate in new fields
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Rapid charging hub improves EV ownership in Milton Keynes

Car retailers in Milton Keynes have been given another reason to boost their involvement in electric vehicles (EVs)
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Automotive Management

BVRLA scrappage scheme proposal incentivises mobility solutions

The BVRLA has published its Mobility Credits Scrappage Scheme policy paper to encourage the Government to look towards low emission mobility solutions.
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