Chris Lane

Head of Transport Innovation

Chris Lane has worked in transport for most of his professional life and has had the opportunity to deliver significant changes to public transport.
At TfWM, he is responsible for delivering change through, people, processes and technology, especially through the application of innovation to deliver new services.
His background includes delivering significant business improvement programmes, implementing innovative ITS and ICT systems, modernising and managing a large data collection team and playing a major role in the successful delivery of TfWM’s Smartcard and Passenger Information schemes.
He is currently leading Transport for TFWM’s Commercial Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Initiative and the delivery of a number of connected and autonomous vehicle projects. 

 3:00 PM – 3:20 PM
The MaaS View

How are cities preparing for a new era of mobility?

Insights into how one region and the busy city of Birmingham is looking at delivering technologically-driven future mobility having already undertaken a MaaS trial which is about to be scaled up and will eventually incorporate autonomous vehicles.

  • How the West Midlands region is tackling MaaS to reduce vehicle ownership whilst still providing access to cars when required
  • Learn about Midlands Future Mobility’s CAV (connected and autonomous vehicles) testbed
  • How creating a ‘package’ of mobility options will deliver cleaner, safer and smarter journeys
  • Understand the opportunities for dealers, manufacturers and other providers when partnering with local government to provide MaaS
Head of Transport Innovation