Giuseppe Marotta


Giuseppe Marotta is the CEO of BeMobility, an Italian company, recently established by 7 leading truck dealer groups, with the aim to reshape the existing value proposition to the customer by integrating new highly innovative items in their current product/service offer. In his recent past, working as a project manager at CECRA (the European Council for Motor Trades and Repairs), he led the “European Dealership Field Visits”. A program aimed at selecting and studying the most promising innovative business models put in place by European automotive dealer groups, and eventually spreading them throughout the entire European dealers’ community. Based on this experience, he recently released an empirical report mapping, observing and assessing those business initiatives that several automotive dealer groups from 4 different countries (Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Finland) have launched in the field of Mobility as a Service. 

 3:20 PM – 3:40 PM
Car sharing and MaaS: the role of European Automotive Dealers

The increasing importance of e-commerce, the innovative vehicle technology, and the fast-changing attitude of people towards individual mobility, are putting the automotive dealers’ traditional business model under serious pressure.

  • Is car sharing and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and more generally the provision of mobility services to the customer, a possible way to reduce the dealer’s dependency from the vehicle sales’ weak margins?
  • Are automotive dealers well-equipped to successfully penetrate those emerging markets?
  • What is the competitive position of the automotive dealers as opposed to other players who have already entered these markets before?
  • Are there, among the dealer’s traditional assets and capabilities, some elements which are relevant to the provision of a mobility service?
  • How does the experience, of those European dealers who have already launched some initiatives in the field of shared mobility services, help us answering the above questions